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Birdwatching Tips Australia 4

About bird calls, bird "language". Identifying birds by their call.581


Bob Tarte's Ohio Birding Tips

Book Character Bill Holm and author Bob Tarte (Enslaved by Ducks, Fowl Weather) present another video of dubious birding tips. For more info about Bob’s …329


Birding by Ear in the Eastern Sierra

Dave Marquart, an interpretive naturalist for California State Parks, joins us to talk about birding in the Eastern Sierra. When most of us listen to birdsong, it’s a …376


Birdwatching for Birders

[removed] A site for avid birdwatchers and birders. Birding information and tips for backyard bird watching and care for wild birds.29


Adventures with Matt: Birdwatching

In this clip, Matt Villano, DiscoverAmerica.com’s "outdoors expert," takes viewers along on a birdwatching excursion to talk about the wonders of watching birds.274


Birding Basics

Woodlink provides some helpful tips for setting up a bird feeder.306


Birdwatching with Bob ep. 11

For Anoka County Parks Naturalist and birding expert Bob Holtz, Spring is the best time of the year to get out and spot our feathered friends. He shares his tips to …392


Fall and winter birding in California

Andrea Jones with Audubon California gives us tips on bird watching in the Golden State.565


Birdwatching Adventure in Colorado: Eagles, Ospreys & Herons

Birdwatching outside of Denver, Colorado near the Rocky Mountains with my Dad. Feel like reading something fun, adventurous and inspiring? "Following My …372


Birdwatching at Oxford Island

BBC Radio Ulster’s Anne Marie McAleese meets expert birdwatcher Dot Blakely at Oxford Island in Northern Ireland to pick up some tips on how to get birds to …137