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Film : photos and videos of goldcrests feeding Alex Sally birdwatching

About me I have a passion for wildlife and have put together a couple of guides you might like. One is tips and tricks for filming wildlife …86


Backyard Birding and Wildlife Tips

"Bird Man Mel: Backyard Birding and Wildlife Tips" Intro to future tips to help your backyard come alive!91


Bird Watching Binoculars: 3 Tips For Finding The Best Binoculars

[removed] Follow the link above for the best binoculars for hunting, fishing, bird watching, and watching sports.141


Lisa's Birding Tips #6

Shoot a lot. With digital photography, you can simply erase the bad frames, so there’s no downside to shooting lots and lots. Often shots that look good on your …61


Large Billed Scrubwren – Bird watching in Australia with Ej-Birdwatching

Large Billed Scrubwren – video footage captured by our bird watching team at www.ej-birdwatching.com. Visit our site to check out our huge range of Bird videos …25


Beatboxing and Birdwatching – the best way to enjoy the sounds of spring with the National Trust

Supercool beatboxer Jason Singh shares his top tips on how to mimic some of the nation’s favourite springtime birds with National Trust’s Kids councillor, Mia …112


Bird Watching Journal

[removed] – For more interesting bird watching tips, visit our website today!530


Birdwatching Tips Australia 3

About Bird Migration and nomadism.778


Birdwatching Tips Australia 1

Introduction to Bird Watching dealing with observer behaviour.1071


Birdwatching Tips Australia 2

Challenging some popular perceptions about camouflage. Some portable bird hide suggestions.719