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Tag archives for Photography

Canon Lenses For Birding

Canon Lenses for Bird Photography.1061


Nikon 200-500mm Lens First Day Impressions Wildlife / Birding Photography

I took my Nikon 200-500mm to a very popular birding location to see how it performed. It exceeded my expectations and then some. All images were captured …584


Song Bird Photography Tutorial-How to Photograph Birds

STARTER CAMERAS: Basic Starter Camera ($280 used): Canon T3 [removed] Better Starter Camera ($500): Nikon D5300 [removed] Better Travel …276


Florida's Birding & Photo Fest – 10 YRS Anniversary

[removed] | [removed] I put together this video with the highlights of the 10 yrs Anniversary of the Florida’s Birding …786


Bird Photography at Le Teich Bird Reserve, France

Date shot 16th August 2016 Specialist bird reserves are a great way of inexpensively viewing and photographing a wide range of birds in their habitats, and …670


Coastal Birds and Birders

Coastal Birds and Birders The sounds of the waves, a breeze in your face, and the peeps of a scurrying shorebird, you are birding at the beach and you didn’t …319


Birding trail – Iceland June 2016

Music – Ásgeir "Going Home" [removed]292


Gone Birdwatching, Finnish Photography

Lots of pics from this month. Questions will be answered. Music by Firnwald: [removed]120


Birdwatching, Digiscoping Made Easy

Birdwatching, Digiscoping Made Easy www.birdwatchingmagazine.co.uk.76


Birding: More than just hobby

Birding is observing and identifying birds at their natural state, either through naked eyes or with a pair of binoculars or through their callings.Birders come from …285