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How To Choose A Spotting Scope – OpticsPlanet.com

Check out the full in-depth series of spotting scope how to guides: …445


Do You Suck at Birding?

For Real!! Do you consider yourself an inept birder even though you’ve put in years of study and hours of field time? I get it! Although, I have a slightly different …226


Bird Watching From My Window- BirdWatching Series No 1

Most of you may not know I am a avid bird watcher that is when I can. All video footage was filmed indoors because of our cats outdoors.. I will be having a series …306


Birding+For+Beginners +Behavior Mobile



Homemade Bird Treats – Birdwatching for Beginners

What better way to learn about birds than to get up close and personal with them. We’d always enjoyed them from afar, but we wanted to bring them closer for a …753


How to take Bird Photographs for beginners – 3 tips for easy Bird Photography

How to take Bird Photographs for beginners. In this short tutorial we run through some easy bird photography techniques with your digital camera. Learn some …136


Basic English Listening Lesson 04: BIRD WATCHING

Basic English Listening Lesson 04: BIRD WATCHING My FB: [removed] Giao Tiep Group: …75


One Habit of Uber Famous Birders

What is one habit that most uber famous birders all have in common? It’s something that you can do right now. This habit was really brought to light a few years …271


Wingbeats Episode 1 – Passerine Topography

Wingbeats is a video series aimed at anybody with an interest in ornithology, birding and conservation. A lesson for beginners, an advanced ID clue, a research …476


Birds Of Barbuda – Barbuda Birds And Bird Watching, Backyard Birds Watching, Birds Of Antigua

[removed] Birds Of Barbuda Your Guide to Birds and Bird Watching Information Complete Information for Bird Watching Enthusiasts and Bird …128